Before the lockdown, I never wanted to stay in the ashram throughout the day. I always wanted to go out and do programs or meet people. I always felt that I am "on the move guy" and always wanted action. Now after the lockdown period and being at ashram for quite sometime, I must confess that I have begun to love staying here. I guess once the lockdown opens, it will be difficult for me to move out. I was reflecting on how our mind functions. The situation that was not all to my liking has now become most likable. The mind after all gets adjusted to whatever the situation is. It keeps constantly fluctuating between likes and dislikes without any rationale. Probably, that's the reason sages and scriptures warn us not to trust our minds. We can't take it's thinking, feeling and willing too seriously.

Even though the mind has no rationale, there is another rationale which we need to understand. That is the rationale of "our needs". This is the reason why am I happy now, even amidst this lockdown. I realized that my need was not to move out of the ashram but my need was to preach and be engaged in some productive way. Now that, I can get to do online classes and preach even being put up in one place only, I am happy. Once, we connect to what our needs are then, we can find a way to fulfill our needs even in different circumstances. Understanding the language of our needs is so important if we want to be happy and peaceful in world filled with changing circumstances. There is always a way to fulfill our needs if we are just open and flexible. We should be attached to the principle of understanding our needs and fulfilling them but we should be detached from the ways in which we fulfill this principle of fulfilling our needs.
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  • Hare Krsna Prabuji,🍃🙏🏾

    I am misusing our Monday Panjim, BG class, being in associate with devotee it’s alwys great experience and feeling full of ecstasy, I really felt changes in self after connecting with ISKCON, being sinful man, never got way to come out of from mode of Passon and Ignorance, bust since I connected with your association and devotes I am seeing changes In me. It’s all mercy of devotees and Lord. in I know the situation is not permissible to start the class but will wait until it’s over.
    I am aware that you are delivering many talks and videos uploaded in fb and shared on what’s app, also it’s happy to know that you have started Srimad Bhagavatam online. I am unfortunate to see these videos because I have limited access of browsing.

    Anyway looking forward to attend your class in Panjim soon.

    Your greatfull
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