kvakutty.....“This will protect you”

LORD KRISHNA’S MERCY   (Episode from Mahabharata)

The Mahabharata war was about to begin.

The armies were taking up positions. The

elephants started marching.  Deafening

noise of conch shells warned of imminent

danger. The dust raised was so thick as to

eclipse the sun. A lapwing had built her

nest in a hillock close to the Kurukshetra

battlefield.  She was staying there with her

nestlings and was concerned for their safety.

She cried wildly and caught the attention

of Lord Krishna. Out of compassion for

the mother bird and her young ones, Lord

Krishna lifted up an elephant bell that he

found nearby and placed it over the bird’s

nest saying: “This will protect you” .  So,

during  the eighteen days of the terrific war,

the mother-bird and her little ones  remained

fully safe. “One who takes refuge at the lotus

feet of the Lord, will be protected by Him.”

Such was the lesson from Mahabharata war.


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  • Met With Accident Was Unconscious My MotorBike Was Fully Destroyed And When I Woke Up Remembered Nothing And Found Myself Uninjured Except For Two Minor Wounds On Body Hare Krsna :)

  • Never heard of this before, Interesting.

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