6004632263?profile=RESIZE_584xWe have these ‘noise boys’, who are playing all their instruments in the kirtan very energetically. But that energy is not theirs, that energy is given to them by Krsna. It is Krsna’s energy which He has deposited in the ‘noise boys’, and now they have it. But as time goes by, they will not have it, a lot of that energy will be gone, won’t it? If you look at some of the elderly gentlemen, they are sitting on chairs, leaning against the wall. (laughter) They do not have the same energy anymore. So, Krsna has taken it away. They used to have it as well, oh yes, but now Krsna has taken it away, slowly but surely. That is what it means to be getting old, everything gets taken away. After a while, when you want to remember if you brushed your teeth, you have to feel if your toothbrush is wet! (laughter) In this world, everything is gradually taken away. Yes, that is Hari! Hari takes away the energy but we must never forget that He also gives us the energy. Krsna gives the energy.

So, everything that we are seeing now, all the energy that exists, it is Krsna’s energy and Krsna has deposited that energy. So anything in us, whatever we have, we must understand that Krsna has deposited it in us. “My brain”, we say, but we must remember that Krsna has deposited the intelligence in us, and we must also know that He can also just take it away. Everything is like this. So, in this way, we can see that Krsna is the origin of everything. 

Source: https://www.kksblog.com/2020/06/krsna-giveth-and-krsna-taketh-away/

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