Krshna orchestories everything in life of a devotte,ther r no accidents in a devottes lifeA true story march 2010Its story abt devotee, studing in medical college in vidharabha, matajis father was not kepg good health since many months , he was continuously under treatment in Mumbai doctors had given hope he was now at home , mataji was so Krishna conscious that in thes bad days also she never lost faith in Krishna , she always told devotes that we hav accepted he wil be no more plz pray that in next life he becomes a devotte . she made the atmosphere around him krshna conscious so that he always remembers krishna.After few days mataji returnd to hostel in vidharbh 4m Mumbai to study as she had her exams. Few days back mataji had gone to library to study suddenly she gt a cal 4m home that her father was no more mataji she was feeling hepless hw ?wil I reach hom , train ,bus ,ticket ,money hw ? in few second a prabhuji studying in the same college who never used to go to library to study came, mataji told him if he cud help . prabhuji called the ticket agent for aticket of flight ,agent said first no ticket ,then after searhing he said ek last seat hai . They both rushed to airport . but mataji had no identity card so security said no entry , but suddenly a person from security cam and said , I was her patient she has treated me il take her in side , and then mataji was in her journey and in 4hours she was in Mumbai with her family members hare bolIN DEVOTES LIFE EVERTHING IS ARRANGED BY LORD KRISHNA
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