Krishna’s Protection in Times of Misery

An answer to Krishna’s sometimes mysterious ways may lie in the following quote from the Saranagati songs of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur.

"All the troubles encountered in your devotional service are great causes of happiness, for in your devotional service joy and sorrow are equally great riches, both destroy the misery of ignorance."

I can see this in my own life, when in recent years I had to undergo much physical hardship and a certain degree of insecurity. I often asked myself: "Will I ever be pain-free again?"

By this "hammer treatment" the gold of our heart is formed and we become ornaments for the Lord. But only if we have faith in Him! Otherwise we doubt whether there is a merciful Lord.

It is not always easy to carry through with our faith when we are on our knees and hands like babies, weeping in pain. But after the pain we notice that we have become more detached and more attached to eternity and our Lord.

When the pain is so intense I say to myself: I am now preparing for my physical death- my release from central jail.

Of course, the actual preparation is being able to positively absorb our consciousness in Krishna. That is our real wealth-the coins and gold pieces of absorption are our irrevocable investment in our bank account of eternal love.

May we use both "good" and "bad" times to invest in our real life-our life with Radha and Krishna.

I wish you all the best and Hare Krishna,

Sacinandana Swami
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