Krishna's Love ...

Hey Krishna Karunasindhu deenbandhu jagatpathe

Gopesh Gopikakant Radhakant Namostuthe...

Sri Krishna is love personified...He is the supreme giver of love...the only one who knows what true love is.Kindness is his nature and in spite of the fact that we are imperfect and commit many mistakes he never stops calling us - 'Listen my dearest one....come to do not have to worry..I'll take care of everything...just come to me'.

All we have to do is to develop true faith in KRISHNA and then we will be able to listen to him. He keeps on speaking sweet words to free us from illusion...all we have to do is listen intently...then we will find him In the very Core of us. In our heart which is Hari's sacred dwelling...beyond time....beyond ages...he lives eternally there...

lots of love to all bhaktas

from their dearest Sri Krishna:)

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  • Hare Krishna,
    a nice pic
  • hare krsna..
    vry motivating message for a fallen soul like me..
    thank u so much for the inspiration of keeping our faith in Lord..
  • hare krishna mataji
    dandvat pranam
    really very nice message
    is hari naam chanting the way develop true faith in krishna or by any oter means also.
    pls explain. how one reaches the stage where he/she can listen or talk to krishna
    pls guide me
    thankyou mataji
  • Thank You Very much, All Glories to Sri Guru & Gauranga.
  • hare krishna mata g....
    its really true that inspite of all imperfection our Krishna accepts us
  • hari hari , very true, we just need to have FAITH.
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