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Krishna’s Flute

Krishna’s Flute

There are three kinds of flutes used by Krsna.

One is called venu,

one is called murali,

and the third is called vamsi.

Venu is very small, not more than six inches long, with six holes for whistling.

Murali is about eighteen inches long with a hole at the end and four holes on the body of the flute.This kind of flute produces a very enchanting sound.

The vamsi flute is about fifteen inches long, with nine holes on its body.

Krsna used to play on these three flutes occasionally when they were needed.

Krsna has a longer vamsi, which is called mahananda, or sammohini.When it is still longer it is called akarsini.When it is even longer it is called anandini.

The anandini flute is very pleasing to the cowherd boys and is technically named vamsuli.

These flutes were sometimes bedecked with jewels. Sometimes they were made of marble and sometimes of hollow bamboo.

When the flute is made of jewels it is called sammohini. When made of gold, it is called akarsini.

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  • can our spine be a flute for Sri Krsna, so that we may vibrate with his Love
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