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When we sincerely try to chant the Holy Name, the agents and subordinates of the illusory energy of the Lord try to create problems and obstacles in our spiritual progress. But even after facing the toughest of problems—a completely surrendered devotee of Supreme Lord Shri Krishna is not the least bit bothered or the least bit affected. In fact, all these hurdles propel their devotion and devotional fame to greater heights. The Supreme Lord is the cause of all causes and the actual source of all energy. He (Supreme Lord Shri Krishna) is the one and only Truth. 

 Those who serve Him, solely for His (Supreme Lord Shri Krishna’s) pleasure, are never troubled by the illusory energy of the Supreme Lord. Those who lack spiritual knowledge and have an inclination towards the mundane world, always face immense problems in their life and are ever prone to fear; whereas the pure devotee or the wise man knows and firmly believes that the controller of all the creations is Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. That is why the devotees of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna never ever fear anything or anyone, as there could never be any cause for them to fear i.e. they know that the real cause behind all that has happened, what is now happening and what will happen, is Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. The illusory energy of the Lord affects the individual souls with shock, pain and fear due to their ignorance of Him. This energy penetrates the minds of human beings in proportion to the extent of their averseness to Supreme Lord Sri Krishna.

Practicing everything according to the sweet will of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna, alone constitutes pure devotion. We should try regularly to achieve this objective. When a devotee surrenders completely to Supreme Lord Sri Krishna, the Lord reciprocates. We have to be vigilant, making sure we are not diverted due to attraction or attachment to material and temporary religious practices.

Hare Krishna!!!

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  • Thank you Mataji for the suggestion. Yes, we live in a material world and age and there are pitfalls everywhere. One slip is enough whether that be in thought or action... Only lord Krishna can save us and guide us back to him. When I chant his name, I feel so close to him and comforted, happy by his nearness.

    Hare Krishna

  • hari bol......
  • thanx deepika mataji for such a nice post and explaination as is really observable.


  • Pranam Mataji,

    Yes Maya, Actually Krishna tests us by this Maya. She puts a devotee to severe tests that are almost unbearable. If we are not fully engaged in serving Krishna then maya will take the opportunity causing us to fall and become entangled in material activities...
    Srila Rupa Goswami says - "By my previous shameful life my heart is polluted with many illusory attachments. Personally I have no power to stop them. Only Lord Krishna within my heart can remove such inauspicious contamination. But whether the Lord removes such attachments immediately or lets me go on being afflicted by them, I will never give up my devotional service to Him. Even if the Lord places millions of obstacles in my path, and even if because of my offenses I go to hell, I will never for a moment stop serving Lord Krishna.”
    We should always remember that everything belongs to Krishna then we will not be attached to anything in this material world. Try to chant the holy name, follow the regulative principles, read Srila Prabhupada books, do deity worship, engage in devotional service. That would help…

    Hare Krishna !!!

  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    I'll try to remember this in times of weakness.. thanks!


  • Hare Krishna

    Thank you for the post. You wrote about the illusory energy of the Lord, do you mean maya - attraction? or love? How do we distinguish between the two? Or, do we need to detach ourselves from the world then only can we get away from the illusory energy? Devotion is understandable but how can a person get away from Lord's illusory energy in an everyday life? How does one make choices?  I'd be happy to receive comments, suggestions or clarity from devotees. Hare Krishna.

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