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krishna i love you....

sunday is a day when our family generally visit iskcon temple...this Sunday we visited temple and we were accompanied by an old bhraman....we took a cab in the evening and attended sankirtan we took prasadam and was about to leave coz its not so easy to get cab late from the area where iskcon temple is..i was booking a cab online....manish prabhu called us and asked us that brij das prabhu ji (one of the senior devotee) called you...we went inside and he took report of how krishna conscious life going..we talked for quite some became very late....i thought its impossible to get a cab on...there os no single vehicle on road....cold brezze was going on i have 85 year old bhramin with me....i was not worried about how my family going to reach back home but i was worried bhramin who came with me....i closed my eyes and said krishna help me...thn i opened my cab app again...thn it showed cab 2 min away....i booked a cab and called the driver....i said i am there at the temple....he said stay there at the door .... as soon as he came i noticed a mid age man with his white sedan.first thing i noticed was a pecock feather on his dashboard...suddenly my sister in law said in my ears..ask him his name i feel so excited coz in temple one of the devotee asked prabhu why in every temple the krishna idol remain in standing position....prabhu ji replied krishna loves his devotee that much whnever you call krishna he come running so for krishna idol remain in standing position so krishna doesn't go single second late...i asked driver sir apka naam kya ha????he said ramavtar.....he asked several times that why did i asked him his name...but i didn't respond its coz i was nt in the position to talk....though we reached our destination after droping bhraman maharaj...i payed the taxi fare and was watching that till its disappeared from my eyes.....i went inside my house and wanted to thank krishna as soon as i opened the doors of my small mandir i saw that the peacock feather in the crown of krishna vigrah was not there it was there at the feet of radharani...its seems like krishna was in rush and lost the peacock made my eyes wet....i dont know what it was and even some people may call it a pure coincidence..but for me my krishna helped me....i love u krishna...tarun punjabi
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