Artwork: Shyamasundara Das

There had never been a day like this, nor night

Planets repositioned to create a heavenly sight

Prominent was the star, Rohini, so bright

A pervading peace kept at bay any tendency to fight

Such was the cosmic sky on that day, and what of the Earth?

Lotus flowers, trees, and rivers were welcoming a new birth

Unbounded joy, lightness, and expressions of mirth

Were centered around a bundle of Absolute Worth

Tucked away in a royal prison was a woman, a man

And a person, blue in hue, from whom a glow began

It was Vishnu, par excellence, there is no greater than

Moreover, the woman, Devaki, asked Him to disguise if He can

In compliance, an infant boy, as charming as could be

Was manifest as Krishna Himself, yet few could see

While all was calm, Devaki sunk into a panic degree

For the child’s life was in danger, therefore, He had to flee

The father, Vasudeva, was mystically mobilized to make

A great escape with babe in arms, all for His sake

It was the power of *yogamaya *allowing the two to break

Barriers of shackles, gates, and guards unawake

Just minutes after midnight with all the power behind them

Father clutched and held high his tender, fragile gem

While traversing River Yamuna, usually a problem for crossing men

That great getaway led to the village named Gokul Vrindavan

The destination point was a modest rural home

The place of Nanda, Yashoda, a newborn, a safe zone

Vasudeva did the unthinkable, seemingly on his own

With all asleep Vasudeva switched babies, actions were unknown

The return journey back to the prison was unique

There was a girl now in Vasudeva’s arms, in the night so bleak

Guards under spell were bypassed on his quiet technique

As the baby was lain to rest, all things came to a peak

The infant girl let out a cry which broke utter silence

And triggered attention to the tyrant of violence

King Kamsa was suffering from impulsive defiance

He rushed to the prison to the infant of innocence

He mercilessly grabbed the sweet child

But she leapt from his hand, entering the sky so wild

Transformed as a beautiful goddess, she chastised and defiled

This man of disgust who reacted to make even the gods smile

Kamsa relented and fell on knees, begging forgiveness

Atrocities directed to Devaki and Vasudeva was his business

But now in a humble way his spirit was less ambitious

He was a different man, leaving the couple less suspicious

But all was not settled in dealing with this impulsive man

Kamsa’s associates were a bad breed with another plan

Darkness does not end easy for the nefarious, the bad master

Who murdered Krishna’s six brothers while Krishna was set free in greener

Source: https://dandavats.tumblr.com/post/660423239207714816/krishna-his-birth-and-his-escape-by-hh

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