The place was really smoking up. Not only the fire was stoking with the local chopped wood but the whole atmosphere was beautifully row and rustic. "Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons," situated an hour and a half north of Toronto, is a reconstructed Jesuit/ Wendat village from the 1630's and you feel like you went through a time machine upon its visit.

Members of Toronto's Bhakti Academy along with our honoured guest, Kalakanta from Florida, found ourselves in the smokey room full of furs, pelts and dried corn and became enriched in a history of mixed emotions in a clash of cultures - the Europeans from France and the indigenous Wendat people. The Wendat were quite the agriculturalists but after every 10 or 12 years they practiced a nomadic tradition by pulling out stakes and relocating to more favourable fresh soil and hunting grounds.

These historical parks do magic for us in terms of nurturing us with information, plus it enhances our gratitude for the efficiencies we have today. Indeed, today we have all appliances but we continue to complain about everything. In those days of simplicity you just accept what is.

Our experience at "Sainte Marie" is one of appreciation of the past.

The final visit for the day is the "Gir Farm" in Caledon. Owners and hosts, Vishal and Yasomati, are ever so passionate about ahimsa milk. They are also ambitious about getting those veggie seedlings in the ground. And that will start almost night away.

The weekly outings that I have with Bhakti Academy are just absolutely wonderful.

Source: https://www.thewalkingmonk.net/post/know-the-past-and-appreciate

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