Keeping The Music On.. by Achyut Gopal Das


At night while sleeping I played on some devotional Bhajans on my mobile in a very low volume. In the early morning while I was awake, all of a sudden the music stopped playing. As you guessed it rightly - the mobile got discharged and it switched off. I was thinking that my life is like this mobile, anytime it can get fully discharged and stop functioning. After all, our body is also a mechanical material device like a mobile. That the body is going to fall dead is a given fact. What is important is what we do with our short life? 

I prayed to be like this mobile spending my life constantly chanting the glories of the Lord (the real music) till the last moment of my life - till the body switches off. Then our soul will be transferred to the spiritual kingdom where the music (chanting the glories of the Lord) is always on because the bodies there never ever switch off.
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