Keeping my Mind on the MANTRA

During Japa today I struggled with keeping my mind from wandering here, there and's a daily struggle and I usually close my eyes, cup my hand to my ear (so I can hear properly) and just focus on hearing the Mantra.Sometimes this doesn't work though, so I use my last weapon to defeat the mind....reading the mantra whilst I chant. This works everytime and keeps my mind right on the's like a big stick or a slipper, beating the mind into submission "Stay on the Mantra...don't wander off you rascal".The combination of hearing myself properly and reading along has greatly helped with my attention and continues to save me from WMS (Wandering Mind Syndrome).sri sri Gaura Nitai ki jaisri sri Krishna Balrama ki jaisri sri Lalita Vishaka Radha Shyamsundar ki jaijagatguru Srila Prabhupad ki jainitai gaura HARI BOL....!!!!...
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  • Please cup your hand over your ear to reflect the sound off your hand into your ear...the left ear.

    Reading the mantra is also easy...just have a copy of the Maha Mantra in big letters in front of you and read along with the words as you chant.
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