Kanthi mala

Hare krsna to all vaishnavas 

Pls accept my humble obesiances 

All glories to srila prabhupad 

Yesterday  I was  too much ill, had high  fever  and  severe  cold,  so  I  bunked  bathing   and  I just   washed  my  hands  feet  and  face  after  Clearing  from washroom,         But during  evening  time  I took kanthi  mala from  the iskcon e-shop  as  my old  kanthi mala  was broken  and  went to the temple  hall  and gave it to  the  pujari  prabhuji  and then  he offered  it at krsna's  lotus  feet and gave it to me  but  later I realized  that  morning I did  not  bathe  after Clearing,  so was  this a offense? To touch tulsi  neck  beads in that condition  and  offer  it to krsna?   Did  krsna accept   the Tulsi  mala? 

Also one of my friend desires to wear kanthi mala and he Strictly follows the four regulative principals but he consumes onion/garlic and coffee,
So can he wear kanthi mala?
As from my understanding from the pastime of Bhaktivinoda thakur who gave kanthi to a person who was unclean clearly shows that there is no hard and fast rule for wearing kanthi, anyone can wear it and get benefitted
But I m still unclear in this matter, pls kindly respond to this as soon as possible...

Pls kindly clear any misconceptions of mine and pls solve  my queries..

Ur  Insignificant servant 


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