By Madhava Smullen

In the U.K., devotees from ISKCON Leicester’s congregation joined a total of nearly twenty families for a groundbreaking scheme called ‘Come Dine Together,’ designed to build friendships and understanding between Hindus and Muslims.

ISKCON Leicester has a close working relationship with St Philip’s Centre, the charity for interfaith understanding that launched the scheme. During a discussion with the Centre’s Deputy Director Riaz Ravat, ISKCON Leicester temple president Pradyumna Das (Pradip Gajjar) raised the concern that Hindu Muslim tensions had been on the rise in the city, predicated by the Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan; as well as the December general election in the UK, when both communities took political sides.

“So we talked about what we can do to bring Hindu and Muslim people together,” Pradyumna says. “Riaz, a practicing Muslim, told me he was already working on an initiative to bring families together. I was immediately into the idea; of meeting families of different faiths, having conversations, building relationships, and appreciating that what we have in common is faith in God.”

Source: https://iskconnews.org/iskcon-leicester-devotees-participate-in-hindu-muslim-friendship-meals,7268/


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