New Delhi: ISKCON Delhi is a non-profit organization and has stepped up efforts to help out local vulnerable sections of the population with wholesome food. ISKCON kitchen is taking all the precautions as per Health Ministry guidelines to prepare food in their kitchen. The food shall be prepared in the most effective, efficient and hygienic manner in compliance with all the set regulations during COVID-19 situation. They are undertaking the operations With an unwavering intention to provide timely, healthy meals with a focus on combining nutrition with hygiene. ISKCON authority, Shrila Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj said he had received the message that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has urged people to help 9 poor families for the next 21 days, and our Chief Minister announced too to feed the homeless amidst the lockdown.

Remembering the message of his preceptor, Founder-Acharya, of ISKCON Srila Prabhupada that no-one should go hungry”, and in keeping up with the request of the government, he directed ISKCON Delhi to “immediately arrange to distribute warm full meals of Krishna Prasadam”. Pradyumna Priya Das, ISKCON Delhi and Mid Day Meal chairman says, ‘Our government authorities are working industriously to save the country from the rapid outbreak of the virus.
The DC South West, Shri Rahul Singh and other administrative agencies are serving non-stop, making close follow-ups to ensure the food reaches on time, is hygienic and complete with nutrition. Their service mood is exemplary”

He continues, “Our aim is to serve the humanity, and these efforts are aided by Gautam Adani ji; Adani Group, Anil Gupta ji, KEI Group, Shyam Jindal ji, Jindal Group, Kamal Goyal ji, Amba Steel, Vivek Bindra ji, Motivational Speaker, and other contributors from varied classes.
At this extraordinary time, the vendors are giving free of charge services and even the rickshaw pullers have refused to accept the money for their services. The entire nation is so moved and is together in this fight. People are calling us to donate raw material and making contributions so that we can serve more hungry bellies and reduce the stress of food and its related fear of illnesses”.

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=84076

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