Iskcon Alachua: Congratulations to Kasisvara Dasa and Leah for Being Recognized at the Alachua City Commission for the humanitarian work being done by the Vaishnava International Relief Association and the Day for Ukraine fundraiser. Read about it in detail here:
Excerpted from Helping the Displaced in Ukraine, by Ray Caron, Alachua County Today newspaper, Vol. 23 No. 07, January 12, 2023.] Vaisnava International Relief Association (VIRA, Inc.) is a nonprofit humanitarian organization located in Florida. Their mission is to uphold universal moral values, protect and support the innocent and oppressed and to contribute to projects designed to improve society at large.
The organization’s president is Ukrainian Andriy Egorovets, who worked with local Hare Krishna members Leah Bielat and Nisha (Nandini Kishori) to create a charity event held Oct. 8, 2022 at ISKCON Alachua Temple called One Day for Ukraine.
The event welcomed over 500 visitors from Gainesville’s interfaith communities to help raise money and awareness for those affected by the war. The event featured Ukrainian food, ethnic crafts for sale, an art auction, live music, games for children, henna and face painting as well as hay rides. The event raised over $8,000 and 1,200 pounds of donated clothes and toys. All of the proceeds will be spent on the needs of children in an orphanage in Dnipro and 150 displaced people in a nearby community.
“The event was just a small portion of what help the displaced civilians of Ukraine need and we will be continuing our efforts as will the Bhaktivedanta Krishna community,” said Egorovets. “Right now, Ukraine is suffering from attacks on the energy system. People are facing a tough situation. They desperately need autonomous power generators that we are hoping we can get donated from the community.”
The final certificates of Appreciation from the City was to honor the artwork of the students from the Bhaktivedanta Academy whose work has been displayed in the City Hall foyer. The students contributed over 70 pieces of art to the “Art Through The Eyes Of A Child” Exhibit with many of the works being sold to add funds to the Ukraine relief effort. The remaining art pieces will be sent with the money and clothing donations that are going to Ukraine to be given to the children at the orphanage to hopefully bring a bit of joy and show that children from America care about them.

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?post_type=post&p=105483#

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  • A Hymn by Maharishi Bodhayan (Purushöttamāchārya) for Lord Rama

    सीतानाथ समारम्भां रामानन्दार्य मध्यमाम्।
    अस्मदाचार्य पर्यन्तां वन्दे श्रीगुरू परम्पराम् ।।

    रामिति बीजवान् नाथ मन्त्रराजो हि तारकः
    तं जपामि तब प्रीत्यै पाहि मां पुरुषोत्तम ॥ १ ॥

    राम ! दोनोऽनुकूलोऽहं विश्वस्तोऽप्रातिकूल्यवान् ।
    त्वयि न्यस्यामि चात्मानं पाहि मां पुरुषोत्तम ॥२॥

    मामनाथे स्वशेषं च न्यासितं स्वार्थमेव हि ।
    निर्भरं स्वभरत्वेन पाहि मां पुरुषोत्तम ॥३॥

    यस्मिन् देहेऽहमानीतः कर्मणा स्वेन राघव ! ।
    तदन्ते देहि सायुज्यं पाहि मां पुरुषोत्तम ॥४॥

    न गतिजनकीनाथ! त्वां बिना परमेश्वर ।
    परां गति प्रपन्नं त्वां पाहि मां पुरुषोत्तम ॥५॥

    मोहितो मायया तेऽहं दैव्या गुणविशिष्टया ।
    शरण्यं त्वां प्रपन्नोऽस्मि पाहि मां पुरुषोत्तम ॥६॥

    End of Purushöttamā Prapattishatkam by Maharishi Bodhayan (Purushöttamāchārya)
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