Interview with Mandali-Kishori Devi Dasi

Q: How did you first come into contact with ISKCON?
MK: I met a book distributer three years ago in Cape Town while on a family holiday. When I returned to New Zealand, I started university in Wellington where I began visiting Bhakti Lounge, ISKCON’s outreach center there.

Q: What attracted you the most?

MK: The philosophy attracted me the most. I was really looking for answers and a way to lead a meaningful life. I would attend weekly interactive Bhagavad-gita classes, and I was so happy to find something that made so much sense.

Q: You hail from New Zealand originally. Why did you come over to Australia?

MK: I first came in 2017 for the Sacred Sound festival. Radha Govardhanadhari captured my heart and it has been hard to stay away since then. I lived in the brahmacharini ashrama last summer during my university holidays and decided then that I would endeavor to move here after completing my studies.

Q: A few months ago, you returned to New Govardhana. What services are you doing here?

MK: I am engaged in serving the cows with patient guidance from Gita Govinda dasi, Krishna Kirtan dasa, and Karunamayi dasi. I have no past experience caring for animals like this, so I am learning many new skills. This includes services such as training bullocks, maintenance work, and assisting in the goshalla shop.

Q: What are your aspirations and future plans?

MK: To be honest, I haven’t thought so much into the future. I hope that I can continue to serve Radha Govardhandhari here for a long time, maybe permanently!

Q: What do you like the most about the farm?

MK: I like that New Govardhana provides a space for everyone’s individuality, so we can all grow in our devotional life. There is such a beautiful community here, supportive and kind. Also, I love the cows, of course.

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