Inspiring story on Maha Mantra

Hare Krsna

Please accept my humble obeisance. All glories to Srila Prabhupada'

Once a king had to complete a project and hence selected 4 persons from his own place to complete
the project. They in turn fulfilled the King wishes and completed the project to his satisfaction.
King on a gesture of Love and appreciation wanted to reward these persons and enquired what they would like to ask for.
The first person wished to have nice roads in his village and immediately the King informed his minister to setright the same.
The second person wished that the King give him a bungalow, and the King in turn ordered his minister
to sanction one.
The third person came and informed king that he wants to marry a rich girl of his choice and the King took responsibility in getting him married to his wishes.
And now for the last person, King asked him to inform his wishes; the person simply replied that he did want nothing. On hearing this, the king got angry and informed him that, I am the ruler of this kingdom and you have to get what you want and hence ordered him to ask for something of his choice,due to the compulsion of the King the person said,"O lord, since you are compelling me, I have one request to you that you need to stay in my house for a month,The king on hearing this agreed to his request and instructed his minister to find out his place and also to fix up the dates.
The minister after collecting his contact details wanted to make all preliminary arrangements for
the kings stay in his house , when the minister visited he realized that this person is staying in a
small hut & no proper road to approach to his residence .
The minister immediately understood that our king cannot travel in this junk road and ordered to lay
good Road till his residence, more over he thought that our King cannot stay in this small hut and also
constructed a bungalow for that person and also provided enough money, gold, diamond to that person
so that he can meet all of the kings requirement during his stay.
Now since this person has become a millionaire a rich man in that village requested him to marry his
beautiful daughter.
The fact is though the last person did not ask for anything from the king, he got everything (New road
to his village, bungalow, and a beautiful rich wife).
This is to confirm that if we can chant the Maha Mantra regularly there is no need to ask the Lord
to full fill our desire, the Mahamantra alone will fulfill all our needs/desires.

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