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There are few things I am proud of one of them is the fact that almost all of my God brothers and God Sisters who I have met so far are very sincere and serious devotees. They inspire and encourage others in the path of Bhakti and hence I look up to them. This pride however is mixed with the aspiration of being like them some day, well! hopefully someday soon.I wish to share a little incident of how a grihasta couple comprising of two aspiring disciples of my Gurudev, in their own little way inspired me to strive harder on the path of Bhakti. Thus follows the story -I was doing some little insignificant service at Sri Sri Radha Rasbihari when suddenly I came across my lovely God Sister. She told me about her wedding which had taken place just a day before we met, we chatted in our own sweet way and then danced in the Gaur Aarti. During prasadam she introduced me to her "Prabhu", who is a petroleum scientist working in Kuwait. All three of us were sitting together talking about what we love the most our Guru Maharaj and His devotees, well occasionally we did talk about Krishna but that was occasionally or rather rarely or let me make it barely [:O]. Now we were endlessly talking and talking without realizing that we were long done with our prasadam, empty steel plates lied in front of us. Our engrossing conversation was suddenly and rather rudely interrupted by this one prabhu who was employed to wash the plates. He walked right up to us and mildly but rebuked the only male member seated on our table (my god brother of course!!) for keeping the plates with us for too long. Now, as per my understanding no man would like to be chastised by a man lower to him socially, financially and probably even age wise, that to right in front of his newly wedded wife and her friend. But my god brother proved me wrong, he so humbly folded his palms and begged forgiveness from this prabhu and got up right at that moment to put his plate at the required place.So he inspired me and I am sure made my Guru Maharaj proud, well the world knows how much my Gurudev insists on this particular aspect of devotion, "humility".My god sister is a constant source of inspiration to me for she is "Kirtanya Sada Hari", while I and my kind struggle to finish our daily quota of rounds she is often seen chanting extra rounds. It was only after being inspired from her that during last kartik month I chanted 24 rounds a day.Well!! I know I know!! Pride is a dirty word in the dictionaries of aspiring Gaudiyas but I can't help it my God Brothers and God Sisters are so near to perfect that pride automatically manifests in my heart. All credit of course goes to our Gurudev and the Sweet Lord who He represents.
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  • A devotee is humbler than a blade of grass, Srila Prabhupada used to say.
  • Gauranga!! I am delighted by the fact that a senior god brother of mine has posted such a nice comment on my blog post. Thank you prabhu, I am grateful.

    An aspiring servant,
  • Nice One. Bhakti grows only in a grateful and humble heart. If we try to exhalt ourselves Krsna will surely humble us and if we try to be humble Krsna will exhalt us.

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