In the Boreal by Bhaktimarga Swami


Gaura and I took to the Great Northern Road as a head start to Terrace Bay.  So, on foot we tread with traffic roaring by our side until our van pulled up.  We spotted this perfect display of reversed karma: a sculpture of a moose on its rear legs, dangling an adversary, a hunter, suspended in the air from its front hoof.
We hopped into the van and joined our boys’ team to go westward through the prettiest scenery of nature you can imagine.  The boreal forest is very special, covering 60% of Canada's land mass.  It is comprised of mostly coniferous trees.  We were getting quite excited about possibly sighting a bear or moose—no luck there—but we did spot a couple of birds, crane-like in appearance, even somewhat exotic looking.  Sandhill cranes are what we settled on after Googling research.  Nice creatures.

We reached Terrace Bay, a pulp-and-paper town, with its mill that is owned and run by an Indian company, the Aditya Birla Group, founded in 1857 in India.  Our venue was the hockey stadium, with ice removed.  Spacious and adequate, Dean, the manager, and Dereck, the sound guy, are gracious, decent people.  By the time our Festival of India was about to begin, I sat down with Mayor Jody Davis, and friends, over an Indian meal. The mayor was quite curious about our approach to consciousness; about Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Islam.  “To resolve all differences in the diversities of life, and the sometime conflict between tribes, we can come to the realization that: ‘I am not this body.  We are all spirits, ‘“ I suggested.
Our show went well.  Our audience was 75% Caucasian and 25% Indian.

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