Aśvatari garbha nyāyaḥ (pregnancy of she-mule)

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Merchant was trying to sell a female mule on the market. He was eulogizing his merchandise with fine chosen words. Onlookers liked his speech very much. They felt entertained. However, nobody bought the mule, because everyone knew that female mule never gives birth to a horse baby, and thus brings no profit to the owner.


This describes something which never was, is, and will never happen. Modern labor and opportunist class herd in leadership castes, such as scientists, politicians, and teachers. They profile themselves as great visionaries of nation, creed, family, as peace and prosperity bringers, all-truth knowers, and life problem solvers. Disregarding the existence of Śrī Hari as Supermost Beeing, life giver, maintainer, and annihilator, they are seen as totally self realized humans. In fools paradise any nonsense illusion looks just at the reach of the hand. These hypocrites use their impotent atheistic ideas to make profit in the same way the merchant is trying to sell his mule. The fact that people in general tend to believe these untruths about non-existence of Śrī Hari from the mouths of demoniac prophets is sign of populace degradation. A simple villager knows very well that she mule brings forth no baby. Indeed the modern man is gullible, and foolish, easily fed up any sterile ideas such as artificial life creation, death and disease solution, origin of life in matter dogma, which all culminate in the doubt of the existence of the soul and Supreme Soul. A sane man will not buy any and all these offensive ideas at no cost, even if they are for free, though the price is very high – the humiliation of imprisonment by the matter. A sane man will very earnestly seek a true scientist of bhakti, and offers his life and soul to gain immense wealth of ever exchanging love of Godhead in one of Their forms such as Rādhā-Dāmodara, Rādhā-Śyāmasundara, Rādhā-Mādhava, Murāri, Govinda, and unlimitedly more. That is a tangible offspring worth to consider.



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  • I really do not understand how some devotees have so much ego that they think they are above everyone and they have the right to comment on someone! Kindly remember that someone is also a creation of lord and one who is a devotee should never be judgemental and egoistic! Some devotees think they know everything and that they can unknowingly comment on any person whom they don't even know properly. People should remember that the lord is present in each and everything we see and no one has the right to judge and comment on someone without knowing anything!!
  • Thanks on behalf of all Gaura Nitai sanga.
  • Well yeah, I understand that in this topic there is not much to discuss but what I personally felt wrong is the metaphor and the sarcastic projection of people who might not be like what's written in the post. Well, indeed no one can deny that there are good points in the post as well. But I personally don't like the fact that degradation and negativity is hinted here and I condemn those lines since according to me every human being is equal.
  • Since you write that you feel that way, there is no discussion.
  • I understand you are giving a reference to the merchant who is trying to sell the mule to people by doing wrong deeds without realizing. But still, the post is stereotyping a certain section of people which may find it offensive since in the post it's being said people are foolish and do not realize how great the lord is and they think they know everything but all they are doing is living in their own small world and thinking they are supreme and that's certainly wrong. I understand the point of view of the writer. But still, I condemn this because i feel a devotee who has written such a post should never insult or degrade someone because at the end of the day all are creations of lord. Those who do not believe in lord and ignore it they are certainly doing a mistake which is also not correct and i condemn this act as well. I understand both the point of views. The writer of the post is not wrong but at the same time he/she is so much wrong. We just can't look at things from just one perspective and we need to consider both the sides. Similarly while I am writing this post and my earllier post I am wrong and at the same time I am right as well. But Kasya Das prabhuji I truly respect you for tackling the situation without getting offensive and keeping your calm.
  • Need to say that you misread the article. Take your time, if you need to, and read carefully, unpassionately, and compare it to the teachings of Vaishnava acharyas. Your arguments are misplaced, based on false presumptions, which this article does not touch. If there is anything unclear, or you have solid, non emotional and valid arguments, not based on material attachments, feel free to bring it forth.

    Have a nice day
  • This is the worst post I have ever seen! I really do not understand why are you assuming that people who do something in their lives by their hard work do not respect the lord. This type of attitude where one person degrades another theory so that they can look and showcase themselves superior to all others is utterly stupid and not acceptable at all. It is pure stereotyping. By saying this you are insulting the lord himself since it's the lord who has made everyone and he is the one who has decided who will become who and what he/she will do. You should respect the teachers who taught you so much that you are able to write all of this. You should thank the scientists and politicians as well who are working hard. Have respect for people because they are doing their duties and working hard in life. Now, who told you that all people are not respecting the lord? Everyone on this platform knows the greatness of lord and the ones who do not accept it it's ultimately their choice. Who in the world are you to decide that they are foolish? It is the lord himself who is present in each and everything and has instructed everyone to do various activities in life. If you are insulting someone and stereotyping someone without thinking diligently remember one thing you are insulting the lord himself since lord resides in everything we see and he/she is present everywhere. You should respect the soldiers who are standing on the border in such cold and sometimes worse climatic conditions so that we can sleep without fear. You should respect the teachers who made you the person you are today. Be thankful for everything that God has given you in life and never insult and stereotype someone. There are so many poor people who do not even have the money to study but still, they thank their parents and teachers for everything which is given by them. Sometimes those kids do wonders in life in spite of lack of money and proper guidance. It is good to respect the lord we all do it but it is equally bad if you hate and judge the creation of lord.
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