Illuminations 45 – The Comfort Zone

Recently a friend of mine and Life Coach, Akrura Das,  visited Alachua and we recorded a number of talks on subjects such as responsibility, connecting with your dharma, possibility thinking, limiting beliefs, etc. I think you will find them very valuable, so I have decided that the upcoming newsletters will all be audio newsletters of these recordings.

Out of comfort zoneIn this audio newsletter we discuss the comfort zone, a place which is actually not really comfortable because it’s not where we want to remain. We show how what we want to become or achieve normally lies outside of our comfort zone, and the mentality required to push ourselves to do things which we have never done before.

If you or anyone you know is able to transcribe these audio recordings (twelve in total), let me know. Then we can make the transcriptions available as well.

May you always think of Krsna,

Mahatma das

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