If God really exists, then show me God!

Hare Krsna!

If you ever speak to an atheist, they will often say, “If God really exists, then show me God.” How do we reply to that?

The answer is that we cannot see God with our material senses. He is spiritual, and our senses our material. Just like you cannot measure someone’s body temperature with a tape measure (a tape measure is for measuring length), so similarly you cannot “see” God with your material eyes. You need spiritual eyes.

And even if we could bring God here, how would an athiest recognise that He was God? For example, if I brought the President of Cuba here right now, how would you even know that he really is the president? You have to know through authority, through reading, and speaking to authoritative persons. That’s why God provides scriptures, and then He gives us the great saints and Guru’s who are the authorities on the scriptures. When we read and hear about God, who He is, what He does, what He looks like etc, then we can see God through our ears, through the hearing process. Otherwise how will we know? Even when Lord Krsna was personally present in India 5000 yrs ago, many atheistic demons didn’t recognise Him as the Supreme Lord. So the onus is on us.

There’s a nice saying, don’t try to see God, but act in such a way that God will come to see you! It’s like going to see the Queen of England. If you want an appointment with the Queen, it is very difficult. But if you do something wonderful which impacts people’s lives, then the Queen will come to see you personally to give you a medal.

So similarly, we can attract the Lord through our devotion to Him. Chant His holy names, read about Him, and think about Him. Go to the temple and humbly bow down before the Lordships. Offer nice prayers, and offer all your (pure veggie) food to Him. In this way, our senses become purified, and we develop spiritual senses, and one day, we will see the Lord face-to-face.

And when an atheist challenges us, “Have you seen God”, we will say “Yes! I have seen God. Haven't you?” Lol. The onus is on us to become qualified to see the Lord. By acting in devotion, the Lord will reveal Himself to us by His own sweet will. So let us focus on our devotion.


Nitai Kirtan das

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