-Why? Why? Why? I do not understand why to preach?

I see people, they seem to me happy with smiling faces. When I request them to chant the Holy Names they say that no time, no need…

            With these questions I started to disturb senior Devotees. They used to say to me that Lord Gouranga wants it, Srila Prabhupada wants it. Because of that we preach.

-         Why for people Krishna Consciousness? I see them they are really enjoying life even without it.

I lived in the hostel with 6 girls in one room and with more than 400 in whole hostel building. They used to wake up at 8 AM, stand in the line for the bathroom. Washed their faces, teeth, change their clothes into University uniform. And while doing all those things, they used to drink a cup of coffee along with 3-4 cookies.

From 8:30 till 13:00 they were in the classes. In the lunch time, go to the canteen again buy some biscuits, chocolates, tea for their lunch. From 14:00 till late evenings again classes. After school coming to the room they used to jump to their beds and take a nap for minimum 50 minutes.

It seems the late evenings only used to give them some pleasure. Girls all jointly used to go to the canteen for their dinner which consists of wheat noodles. After coming to the room they used to bring out all their food stuffs which they brought from their homes: cookies, candies, breads, butter, some more non vegetarian foods, turn on the computer for movies and sit together for hours and hours.

Consuming food;

Watching movies;

Sometimes discussing the movie;

This part of their daily sadhana used to last for 2-3 hours. After that they used to start to do their home works laying on their beds. And by nature's call they used to fell asleep along with books. In the morning, at 8:00 again the same "song".

 Witnessing this type of life style I used to ask them if they are happy. They used to say me that for 100%!

If they are happy for sure with this life, why we force them to chant the Holy Names?

-         Again and again please, tell me why? If I do not see the reason why should I say them to chant?

I think I made mad senior Devotees.

            One day, while doing my service in the Altar room I really became upset to myself and really needed the true answer to my question. Senior Devotee also started to answer with eagerness and now with strictness.

-         Please, you always inspire us to preach, but why? People are happy without the Holy Names. Plus Krishna is All Mighty! Why He Himself does not change peoples' hearts and make them to become His devotees???

At least he loudly, with serious voice told:

-         Because Krishna can not do only one thing! To glorify Himself.

When he told this, silence filled the big Altar room. His face became red, eyes started to become wet. Trying to stop his tears he widely opened his eyes. With his hand he touched his head as if he is embarrassed and does not know what to do.

            My heart junked.

-         Oh, dear Krishna! Yes, You are All Mighty but also very Modest! You are Personality and You have jewel like 64 qualities!

I will do it! My Lord!

Just let me take my sword!

Hardly tighten my belt, making ready my hands,

I am going to the fighting fields!

I will do it my Master!

To fulfill my Guru's order!

Warning! Get ready atheists!

Or those who are in impersonal illusions!

I will sharpen my sword,

My teeth will tremble.

Eyes will full with fire,

Because of anger to fight!

  Who blame that Krishna is not God?

Who still do not worship Him?

Who still crawling, closing eye?

Who still have desire to die?

Whose happiness is still meat?

Whose joy is still drugs?

Whose pleasure is still from girls?

Whose success still made of lie?

Eating meat you will be eaten,

Drinking you will be lost.

Having sex you will be destroyed,

Using drug you will get mad.

Existence their made of suffer,

But they've hope: soon ll be better!

Seeing these, Your heart cries my Lord,

But I will do it! I give my word!

No, no! Don't cry! Don't cry, please!

You can't tolerate, I know, material disease.

I will always try and fight!

Keeping eyes open whole day and night!

My horse will be the Song of God,

Orders of Devotees will be the right road.

I'll wear Vaishnava etiquette as a soldier set,

Holy Name is my sword! Very sharp to fight!

Sword will cut the nose of pride,

Eyes of anger, stomach of greed!

Destroy into ashes the cruel envy!

Lust will cry. But dare now to stand before me!

My Lord! Dry up Your tears, don't cry!

This vision forces my heart to die.

Away push Your worries, stay fully blissful!

I'll do it! 'cause I've sword very powerful!

Whatever I got from You only,

Let serve to Your pleasure lonely!

Clap, clap my hand claps for You!

My soft voice and all the acts for You!

Tak tik taka taka tak

And I won't be able to stop!

Sound of Mridanga will make me dance,

For Your pleasure, that divine glance!

See! My long hands stay now up,

They are empty with no even a drop.

I'm patita with no any suitable words,

Oh Patita Pavana from now I'm fully Yours!

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  • Volunteer
    Please accept my humble obeisances R. Aravind Prabhu,
    First we have to understand that the whole creation is Krishna's not only India. In the reality Bharata Varsha used to be the name of the whole Earth surface. Even 5000 years back Pandavas and Krishna used to visit North countries, or Australia...
    we can not love mankind just loving the body. If we love Krishna then only we will be able to love someone else.
    Religion for a soul is to serve to the Supreme Personality of Godhead by following His instructions.
    i am not a Muslim, nor Cristian, nor Hindu, nor girl, not boy, nor Indian, nor American but the insignificant soul - the servant or servants of Krishna.
  • Volunteer
    So warning! If someone wants a peaceful life Krishna Consciousness is not for them.
    Spiritual World is dynamic everything there is ever increasing.
  • Pranaaams Maral Alim. I am really inspired that a foreign Muslim has been able to understand KCON whereas Me, being born in Krishna's Land, is unable to do so. Anyways coming to the issue, you will agree when I say that all religions only eventually preach that people must love other people unconditionally and that is the only way to please GOD(whether he be Krishna, Allah or Jesus). The problem arose only when the so called self proclaimed Gurus/Teachers gave their own interpretations and spoilt the show. GOD never discriminates and people suffer only due to their own actions/inactions in the past. Unconditional LOVE is the theme for all religions and when One realises this, there is no need to convert to other religion.
  • Volunteer
    So warning! If someone wants a peaceful life Krishna Consciousness is not for them.
    Spiritual World is dynamic everything there is ever increasing.
  • Volunteer
    in the reality, to say that Krishna can not do something is wrong even if He is Modest. Just He wants His Devotees to become a soldiers, generals. As like in Kurukshetra war, Krishna Himself only could destroy all the enemies but He gave strength to Pandavas in order to make them famous, in order to glorify them. But Devotees want to glorify Him, but Krishna Them, but Devotees Him but Kr... in this way it is a spiritual war - no piece even in Goloka.
  • Haribol.

    keep up these inspirational articles n the pointer of ur article was"Krishna can not do only one thing! To glorify himself. Oh, dear Krishna! Yes, You are All Mighty but also very modest".

  • Mataji, just amazing. Thanks a lot for sharing such a motivational article. My pranams to you. Hare Krishna!
  • Volunteer
    happy for You Pradeep Prabhu, let us thank Srila Prabhupada and preach the glories of the Holy Names so that everyone become happy!
  • Thanks a lot mAtaji for sharing so nice & motivating article. 

    I m inspired.

    Dandvat Pranam mataji

    hare krsna


  • Volunteer

    this time i took birth in a Muslim family, next will take in atheists, or in Christians ...what is the meaning? We have to understand that we are not this body but soul. Soul does not have nationality. I am Russian, Indian, Brahman, Shudra, girl, man...sometimes pig...we should not sit and be satisfied with only that which we got from birth but search for truth and find our own Home.

This reply was deleted.