I Walked Here Before by Bhaktimarga Swami


I trekked along Memorial Avenue in Thunder Bay, in a fresh moment of wind and with sunshine doing its round once again.  Destination was the Sanskrit Bazaar / Temple, and there our party conducted a mini, morning program with Reflections on Canto 1 from the book Bhagavatam.  The main message we absorbed from those few moments was, "Whatever you learn share it—share it because you will remember it, retain it and you also will benefit the recipient."
Our route to drive, once in the van, was Highway 11, the quiet Trail.  I had walked this road before, twice, and now again, reminiscing on those walks.  I recall observing the Great Eagle, the Moose, the Beaver.  It is one of the best canoe areas in the world, a wondrous water land.  At Quetico Provincial Park, our party of eight went to satisfy our curiosity.  After all, drivers need a break as much as passengers.  For one hour we acquainted ourselves with its Lake and Beach.  Pristine!
Now it was time to reach Fort Frances, where at the downtown Rainy Lake Square, we set up for tonight's show.  Nice outdoor venue.  The stage, awning and landscaping weren’t here the time I walked through in 2012.  Nice development.  https://www.instagram.com/p/B0R5JePAVrE/?igshid=10srxtdupuyhl
Mayor Carol came to the program and addressed the crowd of about 200 or more.  She said over the mic, "We don't have this type of event very much in Fort Frances."  I met her after the show was over and she expressed appreciation.  There were two glitches, however.  First, our caterers got in an accident and couldn't make it on time.  Tickets were to be refunded at $30.00 a head.  Also, our sound wasn't up to par musically.
Overall, the best people in town turned up for a unique cultural display.
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