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I Walked by the Old Home by Bhaktimarga Swami

The Canadian Health Food Guide was recently re-released and it's been a cause of controversy over the fact that it weighs heavily on plant-based food and goes lean on the meat.  Yes, the meat and dairy industries aren't too pleased over it, yet it's a great victory for those who live by the more veg lifestyle——sattvic,as we say, or, in the mode of goodness.

I know that some of my colleagues won't be too thrilled about the challenge to cow's milk.  Frankly, milk has in recent years been of poor quality.  Consumers of dairy are charged with supporting the merciless slaughter industry.  It is an ugly business.  Thoughtful are we when we give some consideration to supporting ahimsa (non-violent) products, that is milk from cows and bulls not raised for slaughter.

Discussions will go on, on the topic of the rights and wrongs of dairy consumption. Followers of bhakti-yoga will have to give much attention to this debate and hopefully vie for the cow/bull protection culture.

Regarding the abstinence of meat, I can proudly say I haven't put animal flesh to my tongue for forty-seven years.  I was reminded of my radical change in life when I walked by the old home on 187 Gerrard Street this evening.  It was the location of our temple back in the seventies. That's where I joined in early '73. I never turned back to civilian life, so to speak.  I believe I made a good decision.  It was perfect for me.

May the Source be with you!
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