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Hare Krishna Friends,😊

Hope to hear the very best.

Today, have started a blog at wordpress. Sprightly Daffodils, mainly will include topics closest to my heart " Happiness, Hope ,Health and Universal oneness , peace being its main component".

M also learning the finer nuances , so as of now this site, is quite elementary.

Hope you like the light hearted banters, as much as ,I love writing them.

Many of the blogs have already posted in IDT. The others, as they are penned, will be posted in sprightlydaffodils directly.

In case you like , you may refer, them to your family and friends. TAG LINE is SMILE AND SHARE.

Thanks. Please stay blessed.💎

Kind regards, Anuradha


PS:  Our most beloved Lord Krishna is my Entire Universe.  HE writes, m a mere broken inkless pen.




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