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how will i know that god really exist...!?

this i believe is the most common question that every human being asked...there is a small incident happened couple of months back which made me believe that god really exist and his name is krishna..i was going to iskcon temple i saw one prabhu ji walking on highway road.. in jaipur the iskcon temple is in masarovar it covers good distance from highway so i asked prabhu shall i drop him to the temple as i am going there only....he said sure and he sat behind me...we talked for a while and he asked me that how i came to believe in iskcon i told prabhu ji that yes i believe in krishna but sometimes i wonder that if god really soon as i raised this question a huge low floor bus passed by it was 4 to 5 inches the distance between bus and my bike ....we reached at temple and prabhu ji asked me how was the meeting with god..?i asked when did i met cant see him he was there between ur bike and bus.. my eyes shed my previous blog i wrote god has been so kind that i felt like i am not deserving his mercy krishna the real will always feel his presence only after when you start noticing....who made me breath whn i am asleep...who gave me food daily .. there is only one answer its krishna....agtsphari bol...
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