Radha Krishna das (UK) ACBSP has travelled to many farms since 1995 teaching and setting up what is now known as the Howard-Higgins Horticultural System, including Mayapur, Krsna Valley Radhadesh and Bhaktivedanta Manor to name but a few. It has been cited as ‘a Lost Veda’ Indeed Radha Krsna das believes it is one of the Lost Arts, in connection with cow protection, as mentioned in the tenth Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam. It fits right in with the Varnasrama programme where we hope to train people in what is the ‘noblest profession’ – farming, so that they can make a living in the mode of goodness and train others who will come to this movement through varnasrama preaching.

One of his KCSA members at his demonstration farm near Bhaktivedanta Manor, pictured above, is Cintamani Devi Dasi and this is what she has to say:

The compost/fertiliser derived from the HH-2 system of Goshala and temple waste management is absolute MAGIC. I wish i had used it from the beginning of the season. But being a cheapskate I tried making my own and buying rotted manure. The slugs ravaged everything i planted. Finally, i went and bought a 20 kilo bag from him for £20. When i go early morning slug hunting now, i find the slugs in some kind of stupor at the boundary of his compost which i have put around each plant. They are not dead, but in some type of comatose stupor….and they haven’t ravaged my plants. When i put them in the bucket to put out in the park, they regain their senses. I don’t know how his compost works….but it really is magic.

It prevents all types of disease and parasites from attacking plants. Next year i shall buy a few bags and cover my whole vegetable patch. Radha Krishna prabhu tells me that if you put it down one year it’s effects last into the next year also. That works out cheaper than buying cheap compost every year.

I pray the GBC commission Radha Krishna prabhu to teach all ISKCON farms to use his fertility making system, which maximises the benefits of cow dung.. He has the key to the second half of Srila Prabhupada’s mission: simple living high thinking. His waste management strategy will enable village communities to recycle literally all of their biodegradable waste and turn it into magic compost which produces abundant pest and disease free vegetables, trees and flowers. Unlike the vegetables in the supermarkets which are saturated with disease-giving pesticides…his vegetables are better than medicine in keeping the body and brain healthy.

Modern day agriculture is destroying the soil….Radha Krishna prabhu knows how to revive and nourish the soil through efficient waste management. His method could provide an excellent revenue stream for devotees who apprentice under him and learn how to make and sell this compost known as HH-4. Devotees apprenticing under him could be trained how to teach the rest of the world how to revive the soil.

Without this type of technology we will very soon see food shortages become a major problem. Learning this technology can safeguard devotee communities from such shortages, and enable us to fulfill the second half of Srila Prabhupada’s mission.

All glories to Radha Krishna prabhu! He really is doing an amazing service.

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=47079

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