how to make carob brownies :)

carob browniesIngredientsButter - 1/2 cup (1 stick)Unsweetened Carob Powder - 1/2 cupSugar - 1 cupSilken Tofu, pureed - 1/2 cup (equivalent of 2 eggs)Vanilla Extract - 2 teaspoonsSalt - 1/4 teaspoonAll Purpose Flour - 1/2 cupWalnuts - 1/2 cup (Nuts, carob chips, peanut butter or cream cheese to swirl on top - optional).1. Preheat the oven at 350F/180C for 15 minutes.2. Cut the butter into small pieces and add it to a medium sized microwave safe bowl.3. Melt the butter in the microwave. Mine took 1 minute to melt. First I timed it for 30 seconds, stirred it and kept it for another 30 seconds.4. Remove the bowl from the microwave and let it stand for a minute.5. Now add the carob powder to the melted butter and combine it well until the carob powder dissolves. I used a wire whisk.6. Slowly add the sugar too and mix it well using a whisk.7. The mixture will look very stiff, making you wonder if you are doing the right thing. So don’t panic.8. Now add 1/4 cup pureed tofu and combine it well and then add the remaining 1/4 cup of tofu also and mix it well again.9. Next add the vanilla and salt too.10. Add the flour next and mix it until you no longer see any flour and also add the nuts or any other optional ingredients mentioned. Even now the dough is in a semi solid/spreadable butter consistency only. It’s not as watery as a cake batter that you can pour in a pan.11. Grease a 8×8 inch pan with the butter wrapper and spread the batter evenly and bake it for 25 minutesplease offer to Krishna and enjoy :)
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