How to Cultivate Bhakthi???

Hare Krishna…


I have received a call from one of our God Brothers from Pune, who has got my mobile number on and inquired me how to cultivate Bhakti???


With whatever little knowledge I am acquiring by washing my feet with the waves, coming from the Ocean of ISKCON (under the guidance of my Counselor Shri Adbhuta Gauranga Das (Anand) Prabhuji of Hyderabad), I am sharing my Spiritual Realizations with you.


Krishna’s first mercy on a person is to crush him & thus the wretched fellow has no one to turn but to him.


If our purpose is to please, to serve, if our purpose is striving to become selfless in our service, the joy of Bhakti is experienced to the degree we are selfless in our efforts.


It is only through the enthusiasm to engage in devotional service, the process of Bhakti, that tangible spiritual progress is made.


The amount we pray for our marks in exams, for a better job, for a good partner, for a good house, children, promotions, etc., etc., if we pray at least 1/10th of it to the Lord to Cultivate BHAKTHI in us, HE will definitely bless us.


Yours worthless servant



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