How to approach the Holy Dham

Hare Krishnai,

Please accept my humble obeisances.
All gloris to Srila Prabhupada.

It is a wonderful opportunity to go to Vrindavan dham! Asking the devotees how to approach the holy Dham..this is a really strong example to everyone.

The fact is that one cannot enter into the Holy Dham simply by purchasing a ticket, as Srila Gurudeva Sankarshan Das Adhikari says: The Dham is not so much a place that is materially accessible but actually a state of consciousness that attained only by the mercy of the pure devotee. In other words, only one who already has access to the dham can give one access to actually reach there.

My wife, parents, and I were very fortunate to visit Vrindavan under the shelter of Srila Gurudeva & Guru mataji, and to be honest I could not have even got 0.001% of what we did get if we were not carefully guided by the higher consciousness of the advanced devotees. Yes, it is true, we would have seen only the garbage, noise, and so on - the very things that are carefully designed to hide the dham from materialistic persons' eyes and make us think that this is just an ordinary place. Srila Gurudeva was enthusiastic like a little child and very deeply singing and chanting the glories of the dham and the devotees who passed through there, in following in his footsteps we were very fortunate.

The glories of the Holy Dham cannot be expressed materially. The enthusiasm, reverence, and love that is manifested by the advanced devotee is very infectious, everyone then gets access through this.

I would strongly recommend that you stay at ISKCON MVT (http://www.mvtindia.com/), it is right behind the Krishna Balaram temple, very peaceful clean atmosphere, and is situated in the Holy Sands of Raman Reti.

You may have a connection with an advanced devotee already, please speak to them, or write to them and beg for their mercy and blessings that you and your family may enter the dham.

One thing to be mindful of is that while the slightest pious activity is multiplied many times over, but every single offense is also very much magnified, so please take care to be careful with following the regulative principles, chant our minimum 16 rounds very nicely, avoid Nama Aparadha (the 10 offenses against the Holy Name), particularly Vaishnava Aparadha. So, a trip to Vrindavan can give us tremendous advancement in a very short time, but if we are careless, then it can be the opposite... please approach with care.

The logistics, the devotees in MVT and Krishna Balaram temple can help you with. Please go with a good mentor/guide who knows about the glories of the dham, not doing it for monetary gain, and is very pious and enthusiastic.

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