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How to Always Be Absolutely Ecstatic

Nobody truly desires to be miserable. But yet most people are foolishly acting on a regular daily basis in ways that guarantee to keep them miserable. It doesn't have to be like this because there is a solution. There is a way that anybody and everybody no matter what situation they may be in can always be absolutely ecstatic. That way is called the science of self-realization. Just as there varying stages in the science of mathematics, there are also varying stages in the science of self-realization. In the lower stages one becomes partially liberated from all miseries. And when one reaches the perfectional stage, he becomes perfectly, absolutely ecstatic in all circumstances. That perfectional stage is known as Bhagavan realization or Krishna consciousness. It is not necessary to progress through the lower stages known as Brahman realization and Paramatma realization and then gradually come to the highest stage. Just as when one wants to go to an upper floor in a tall building one can either takes the stairs or the elevator, in the self-realization science one can proceed gradually to the perfectional platform over many lifetimes, or he can immediately come to the topmost platform simply by fully surrendering himself to Lord Krishna. Those who are thus willing to dive fully into the self-realization process become absolutely ecstatic in all times, places, and circumstances.

Hare Krishna

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Comment by sandeep Jaglan on February 12, 2010 at 11:55pm
Thank You prji for posting this...

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