How it's Going by Bhaktimarga Swami


Our coordinator for this Vedic Mace traveling tour, is a competent person, a doctor from Thunder Bay by the name of Prem Kishor.  ‘Prem’ means love for the Divine.  It is Prem who demonstrates an actual caring for people, by organizing these events in venues throughout the towns in northern Ontario, where few folks get to the heart of the culture of India, and the heart of the soul.
Last year, we were here when a modest turnout of local people came. "This year you doubled!” said one woman who oversaw the ticket sales.  That only brings us to one hundred and fifty to date. However, if every year we double that, it means in time we can get to achieve full, large audiences.  It may be wishful thinking, but it is a target to reach for the sake of exposure.  Sudbury was three hundred.  Double that for a projected next year, and we'll be good.
Catering of Indian food is an attraction.  Unfortunately, the caterers arrived late, which threw all the performers off schedule.  Still, there was very little there to deter anyone, and in the end, the show sailed rather smoothly.

My walking for the day constituted a stroll near and about Lake Ramsey in Sudbury, which has this amazing boardwalk.  It was in the city of Sudbury while being an art student, that I came upon five Krishna monks who influenced me to the point of joining them.  What a turning point that was!
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