How fasting results are shared and divided

Although this is not a conclusive write-up, some important facts about fasting, and the results that ensue thereafter, should be clearly understood.

1.When a Male member of the family fasts it is automatically for all members of his immediate family,and the results are distributed proportionally to the wife and children.If just wife is present, half the results go to her.

2.Female member of the family fasts for children and herself.The husband does not get the results of such fasting unless she does a special sankalpa to give the results of her fasting to her husband.

3.When saints and pure devotees fast, they are able to distribute the results to anyone they want.

4.Depending on Sankalpa, a fasting person can give away the results of his fasting, or keep it for himself.

5.Above and over this, the Lord himself decides according to circumstances, how to distribute the results of the fasting performed.

6.Those who continue abominable actions while someone dear to them is fasting, disregarding the auspiciousness of fasting, and manufacturing with their own mind the results,they fall down deeper, instead of benefiting.

One must under all circumstances,be grateful to the ones who fast, because the Lord himself approves of such activity done in humbleness.One must never deride others who fast, irrespective of their religions,because,each who follows his or her particular religion,is doing the thing they know best.One must not entertain ideas of comparison,placing onself above others, while performing such austerities.One must always be prayerful and avoid useless material engagements on the days of fasting, dedicating the day to the Lord,singing and chanting His holy name.The night after the day of fasting is also very important, on such a night, if one is in a group of devotees, one must stay awake all night and perform sankirtan, listen to holy scriptures,bhajans,and then sleep just a little if unavoidable, and resume the next day normally by waking up at the regular time before Brahma Muhurat,and performing all the required daily tasks.

I will be glad if devotees will add to this, there are many observations I might have missed.

Hare Krishna.

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