Dukhi was a simple poor maid servant, she was not educated but she was in the association of Srivas Thakur. 


 By Srivas's association, she developed a sincere desire to serve everyone and to please the Lord.  While all the senior devotees were bathing the Lord, Dukhi would arrange water pots from Ganges. She would ensure that there is water available for the service.  She was  not expecting any honor, she just wanted to serve unconditionally and the Lord was very pleased with here service attitude and gave her the name SUKHI -The happy one. 

He not only gave her the name but gave her the happiness; he gave her the highest treasure, the greatest wealth, the perfection of education and knowledge, everything was given to her in that moment by the glance of the Lord - because she was RECEPTIVE.

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    May krishna make all of us sukhi............


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