Hare Krishna Prabhuji... Please Accept My Humble Obeisances Unto Your Holy Feet...


With whatever little knowledge I am acquiring by washing my feet with the waves, coming from the Ocean of ISKCON (under the guidance of my Counselor Shri Adbhuta Gauranga Das (Anand) Prabhuji of Hyderabad), I am sharing my Spiritual Realizations with you.


1) If all of us are the children of God and we have a form, how can ourSupreme Parent not have a form? Not only does God has a form, but HE also has a form that is millions of times more attractive than any form in this world.  Among the various attributes that make a thing attractive, form is one of the most important.  If HE did not have form, then how could HE be all attractive?


2) Srimad Bhagavatam (1.2.11) explains that the Absolute Truth Manifests HIMSELF in three aspects:


(a) An all-pervading effulgence called the Brahmajyoti which is like the sunlight coming from the sun.


(b) A localized expansion called the Paramatma (Supersoul) who exists in the heart of every living entity and in every atom of who sustains the material cosmos.


(c) An all attrctive Supreme Person called Bhagavan (The Supreme Personality of Godhead) who reciprocates love eternally with HIS devotees in HIS own spiritual abode.


This understanding that GOD is both personal and impersonal is the most complete understanding of the ABSOLUTE TRUTH and it is technically known as the achintyabhedabheda tattva (simultaneous oneness and difference).


2) Krishna explains that "As you approach Me, as you Surrender to ME, I reveal MYSELF to you accordingly". So, we can only appreciate the form of the Lord to the degree of the Lord reveals HIMSELF to us. We cannot see Krishna properly in HIS true form with material eyes.  Sri Brahma Samhita Explains that Only when our eyes are anointed with the slave of love, does Krishna reveals HIMSELF as HE is.


3) To Prove God has a Form, Can you prove ELECTRICITY has a Form?  Certainly NO.  Only when you touch it, taste it, then only you can know what electricy is, how it is, whether it is there or not.  Similarly, GOD can be felt, touched, tasted and can also be seen when our heart is filled with true love for HIM. 


4) God is Like an Electricity.  As the Power /Electricity that can radiate any light, run a fan, coller, AC / PC, God himself manifests in various forms. 


5) He is ANANTHA (INFINITE).  You can see HIM even in a Dog, all it depends on our vision and attitude to see God.


6) God makes HIMSELF available to us in the form of Archvigraha (Worshipable Deity) a special manifestation made of ashtadhatus, eight elements in which the Lord appears as the Deity. These elements are Stone, Wood, Earth, Paint, Sand, the Mind or Jewels.


7) Krishna HISMELF manifests through the sound vibration. The Holy name of Krishna is Not Different from KRISHNA. The holy name is radiating an oceanic quantity and quality of benedictions & blessings.


To have complete knowledge & clarification on this subject, you may kindly read the book "Why Do We Need a TEMPLE" by Chaitanya Charan Das, BE COEP.  It is a small pocket book.  All your doubts would be clarified and nullified.


Have a Great Krishna Consciousness Day & Night.


Yours Worthless Servant




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