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a man with his grievances to a 5 star hotels manager"you said an attached toilet,there is not even a single window in that room......i have put my two bags now there is not enough space to sleep....... what about air have put up just a small fan on have fitted a wrong digital clock on wall which does not show minutes and even hour digit sometime showing 25 hrs ...... any one ringing my door bell and entering the room without my permission....even one waiter entered my room with a glass of juice which i did not order but when i asked him he did not give me instead he left my room.....   thought of locking my room with the key you have given me but i fail to find the hole for the is quite a have charged me so much.....this is cheating...what do you think am i an animal "........the manager got concern he called a guide and asked him to check out whats wrong.....the man followed the guide, on investigation guide said.......sir (read 'you fool')first get out from this LIFT...........joke is on me,often i forget that this body(the lift) has been given to me for upliftment but i am busy in search of bodily comforts,in turn forget the way to go back to godhead(the room),when i cry sincerely in front of god(the manager),he sends a guru(the guide),who shows me the right way....through  scriptures(the room key).30.11.2013

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