Hot tomato lemon soup

Boil some 5-6 tomatoes (choppedd) in plenty of water, along with two tablespoons of sugar and a spoon of salt. Add juice of two freshly squeezed lemons. Seive, mash the pulp,reboil after opening cooker, to make it thick to desired thickness of soup, do not add any thickener. Drink this soup hot, and watch your troubles disappear. If you have cold, this will work wonders, if you have a sluggish metabolism, this will invigorate you, and in case you have high blood pressure, do not add salt, just two spoons of sugar, this will bring down the blood pressure. Remember, Tomato, is red, four chambered vegetable, like the heart, and it works well for blood circulation.Please note, thinner the better if you really have sluggish blood flow and consume less water. If you are normal water drinker with 70% bodyweight of water in you, then make the soup thick to your liking.

Long live tomato juice drinkers.Jai Sri krishna!

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