The troupe I've practised with for the last five days was ready and eager to perform "El Gita".  Since yesterday's dress rehearsal, we had the chance to make adjustments with costumes and make-up.  Well, at show time, they were in pretty good form.  It was so much appreciated.  One math university professor came up to me to express, "You made the dialogue and science of the Gita so comprehensible.  I admit, I was crying." 
I was asked to end the program after the rock band "So What!" finished.   https://www.instagram.com/p/B5AOD3Qgm5U/?igshid=cfleojfld15w  Well, the audience was very hyped up by this extraordinary group, and I was pleased to see the audience stay on for a full-on maha mantra-and-dance session.  Djembes were played from the stage, and some of our girls from the Krishna community, all decked out, danced on that stage to enthuse.  One chap from the ground level screamed out, suggesting that I do a stage dive.  "Come on, Maharaja!"  So, I did and the dance and chants kept on.  We were a happy bunch, on and off the ground.

The real event was the Ratha Yatra itself, a procession with Jagannath (the Universal Lord) and confidantes.  To participate with us, so graciously, was Dinesh Bhatia, the Honourable Ambassador of India for Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.  He happens to have recently been basically the same in Toronto, Canada.  We both embraced the rope of Jagannath's chariot, like hundreds of others, and pulled.  

It was a scorcher of a day, very hot at 32 degrees celsius with high humidity thus always a case for high humility.  
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