Homeless Hanuman by Bhaktimarga Swami


What I’m going to say I’m sure will sound familiar to you.

Someone I hadn’t seen for a while entered my mind view.

I reached Kensington on foot and the dude-in-thought manifest.

His name is Hanuman and it’s here that he rests. 

“I’m glad to see you,” he said, “I like it here. I even kicked the habit of drinking beer.”

I cheered the tall but disheveled Hanuman, who has no home and no coins in his palm.

I gave him a pair of gloves last year for the winter.

I’m sure he forgot as his life has no centre.

This time I gave him a card with the maha mantra.

I felt for him because his life is unlike Cleopatra.

I detected a sparkle in his eye so precious.

It made my walk to the park like a gondola in Venice.

Now it was Bellevue Square Park I came to with the boys,

I felt some peace because there was a little noise.

Although the gathering there were quite full,

The atmosphere was lacking that spiritual pull;

Some were like Hanuman with the warrying in the mind.

While there were people who actually shined.

With no instruments in hand to rhythm-it-up,

We collected sticks, beat them, chanted for a windup.

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Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2020/06/friday-june-19-2020.html

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