High Winds by Bhaktimarga Swami

The winds were high but warm, and coming from the south. It was 18 degrees Celsius in the evening when we did our session at the Shambala Centre.  That is warm, for this time of year.  The windows were wide open during the whole session, and we were loving it.  Sarah, yoga instructor and Friday night coordinator, arranged it that way. 
The reason for open windows was that my conducting of the chanting and dancing heated everyone up. It was a good sweat. Justin and Lorna, in particular, were physically giving a heavy output. Everyone else joyfully worked hard at the dance steps. 
"You all are going to have a good sleep tonight," I suggested. 
When I said, "You all," it meant the room full of people. The turnout was great, thanks to our man, Sheeshan.  He comes regularly to play the drum.  The group, whom Sarah describes as ‘loyal’, all seem to know the maha-mantra quite well. That is so because Sheeshan regularly sings it. 

Absent was our dear Miranda Squires, whom I've now known for twenty-five years. She is an interesting woman. She told me she grew up in a lighthouse on the coastline.  A yoga instructor, herself, she was quite busy this weekend. 
Often times while dealing with yoga people, it involves women. Yet, at our program tonight, a good number of men came out to dance and chant with us.

Sheeshan arranged a seven course meal for everyone.  The guy is stupendous.
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