By HH Keshava Swami

Dear Devotees,
Today Maharaja was in good spirits. Yesterday, on his request, we began kirtans in his apartment for two hours in the afternoon (Madhava Prabhu led), and we hope to continue with this kirtana in the coming days.
Overall, however, his health is in a lower phase. Though he does have times when he seems to spring back, the signs of decline are there. Predicting is hard, but realistically it looks as though the duration of Maharaja’s life span is now in the weeks rather than months.
Disciples and well-wishers have been asking about coming to Vrindavana. Everyone is welcome, but please be aware that Maharaja is having hardly any contact with devotees, and under the circumstances none with ladies. So disciples who come will most likely not get an opportunity to see him.
Nonetheless, the disciples in Vrindavana are having regular kirtans and sanga together, as well as nightly Krishna Book readings led by HH Jayadvaita Swami.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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