Maharaja was hospitalized Sunday 3 May 2020 and diagnosed with encephalitis on Tuesday 5 May. According to the physician, his present condition is not life-threatening, and his health has significantly improved. He went into rehab Friday 15 this week. The rehab may take a prolonged time of therapy.

Maharaja had been living at his disciples’ house near ISKCON Abentheuer Goloka Dham since 17 March. From then on to the time Maharaja went to the hospital, he complained of increasing weakness of the memory, loss of cognitive abilities, and dizziness.

During the first week of Maharaja’s hospital stay, communication with him was difficult due to the disease, but has improved since about May 11. A Prabhu calls Maharaja every morning and cooks for him, and the communication is becoming more and more normal. Maharaja is feeling inspired about again associating with disciples and friends. He has also regained some of his mobility.

We are praying for Maharaja’s speedy recovery.

Your servant Vaidyanath Das

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=85604

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