Update: Mother Pattarajni Devi Dasi left her body. Prabhupada took our beloved Pattarajni back to Krsna….10:15 PM. She left with Prabhupada and her family chanting Holy Names, her Lord Chaitanya Deity watching her, Tulasi neckbeads, tilok, her head surrounded with pictures of Prabhupada, Radha, Radha & Krsna,Krsna Balarama, Gaura Nitai & Lord Nrsimha. Her hand was in her beadbag,…on her wrist Radharani bracelet, on her heart was Nrsimha Kavachs, and Radha Kunda japa mala beads. She wore 2 beautiful Deity garlands from temple and Radharani’s shawl. She had Ganga water and Radha Kunda water on her head, dust from Vrndavan and forests of Vrndavan, Govardana Hill dust, Prabhupada samadhi dust. As she was departing Kalindi her daughter put Ganga water in her mouth, both her sons Dhruva & Raman put Tulasi Manjari in her mouth, Vamanadeva put Vrndavan dust on her head. Very, very, very Auspicious.

URGENT PRAYERS REQUESTED: for HG Pattarajni Devi Dasi, a dear disciple of Srila Prabhupada, who is currently in critical condition after suffering a fall last night due to a serious brain aneurysm.
Her daughter Kalindi: Dear Devotees and Friends, please join us remotely from your location this evening in Kirtan for my mother Pattarajni. You can do so by chanting in front of the deities, the more devotees chanting together the better. We (her close family and friends) will all be together at her side starting from around 6pm, chanting the holy names. I know that she would be grateful for any other devotees doing the same at that time, focusing on Krishna and her journey back to Godhead. As you all know, this is her greatest goal. Please help her achieve this by devoting your evening to her and Krishna. Many thanks, Love Kalindi

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=80138

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