Here I want to share something about a pigeon

As my father is a doctor in a hospital so we went there to stay with him for few days in the hospital quarter's,these days there labourers are painting the whole hospital while tying ropes and hanging on the wall by an arrangement called jhula i don't know how they manage to do this well the short story or may say experience relate to this very point.In a window near by few days ago i came across to a small infant pigeon child he was sitting in the nest and its mother and father pigeon were taking good care of it.I use to go there and just shoo him not in order to kill it but just for some fun i think that i wouldn't have done this still i did for say 5 or 6 days sometimes just to play with it as soon as i went near the nest the mother pigeon would fly away due to fear but sit near by the window and the infant baby pigeon would try to attack me back as if it would shoo me up. i was having fun i did not hurt it directly ,the infant pigeon was not able to fly with its small wings rather it would try its best,meanwhile i was thinking that the laborers which are working on the walls will one day break this nest or how would they manage to remove it so that they could work also i was thinking that what would happen to the infant pigeon it does not know even to fly what will he do etc etc all sorts of things were pondering my mind and one day you know what happen suddenly the wind blew so fast and rather call it andheri in hindi,the air was blowing so hard that all of us shut our doors,windows and sit inside quitely untill the wind stops,then after a day i went back again to see the infant pigeon but i could only find was that an empty nest,the feathers,and the he pigeon and the she pigeon sitting on the window edge,there was no infant pigeon.All my questions got an answer that in this material world whatever are our worries or concerns no matter in a fraction of second everything is finished.from that day i am a bit morose about the infant pigeon.
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