4003208094?profile=RESIZE_710xAn accupressurist, who comes around to see me in Mayapura, is actually quite good.  He is a kind-hearted person; Bilvamangal, by name.  He came to my invitation last night, and I awoke this morning feeling like a new creature.  If only I could bring him back with me to Canada.... It's a dream.  He's very much anchored here.  He has a family. 

What felt like new legs (and knees) were not put to terrific use today.  With my second last day in Mayapura, many things needed wrapping up, and a major segment of that was visitation I was obliged to fulfill. 

This town of Mayapura (a city to soon formalize) has development happening in all directions, to the far reaches of its precincts.  To get around, I took a car and a rickshaw.  I was being practical. 

The main feature of such functions are kirtan and food.  This is what our guru, Prabhupada, gave us—food, song and wisdom.  It is significant that the culture of these items began just over 500 years ago in this district of Nadia.  It is the birthplace of the father of kirtan, Chaitanya, and the birthplace of nocturnal kirtans.  https://www.instagram.com/p/B88dxwAg3wa/?igshid=cacby3lmrcat

Kirtan lovers from around the world may pay attention to this piece of news. It all began in one person's home, Srivas.  Neighbours complained about the uproarious nature of some of the chanting sessions, but this explosion, if you will, eventually took hold, with pockets of people swooning in its joy.  Now the world over is taking advantage of chanting, and it all started here.
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