GOD is a BIRD sitting on a treeAnd there's another oneBut hey, that's meHE the GODAlways LOOKS at meBut I'm StupidEngrossed in the fruits of tree!Then the realisationOf the mistake made by meAnd I try to act, ignore and fleeTo another treeBut HE FOLLOWSAs the shadow of meAmazingly same thing happensOn the other treeAnd this happens for millions of yerasBefore I see HIMBy the pain in my heartof thousands of spheresBut still when I realiseThe Material world vapouriseAnd GOD'S HEART so BIG in SIZEThat HE'S Ready to take me to his world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hare Krishna
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  • Hare Krishna
    Thank you all matajis n prabhujis that you read my poem.

    Your Servant
  • nice poem!! Good thought!! Haribol!
  • thx for sharing this wonderful poem.....nice thoughts....
  • really nice poem poem, u should get bored more often, lol,
  • Haribol!
    Nice poem. :)
  • Hare Krishna
    Realy Nice..poem
  • Radhe Radhe,
    Nice poem.

    Take care.
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