There is an animation that really exposes the material happiness very nicely, it shows first on the picture some rats they are running then more rats are running, and at one point you see a whole group of rats running and gradually some of them start to wear clothes, tie and a suit but still running, and then they run on a railway platform and that train is just arriving and it’s full of rats. One come out and one squeezes in and they go to the city, and in the city there are many signs like food, drinks, cinema and many things to see and do, and everywhere there are signs “Happiness!” so theres the drink – it says happiness the cinema says “Happiness!” the food says “Happiness!” Some bottles of alcohol “Happiness!”
Everything is “Happiness!!”
Then it is “Black Friday” so you know they are all standing in front of the shop and the shop opens and they storm into the shop and fight and grab whatever they can, then at the end there is this shop owner he has a fancy cap on and fancy clothes and he is counting the cash and he is very happy driving a red sports car 🏎, but then there is a trafiic jam, and he is stuck there in the traffic jam, and some heavy dudes come and they steal the wheels of his car.
He gets so fried, his beautiful car!!! A car is a holy thing!! 🙂
Then he sees a billboard with a sign “Vodka Happiness!” and he goes up there and whoooo!...drinks the “Vodka Happiness” 🍻🥂🍷🥃🍸🍾and then he crashes on the ground!
In the next scene he goes for medicated happiness, he goes to some doctor for some pills💊, you know💉 and he takes the pills and as he takes the pills, our rat, his ears change and they become rounder, like mickey mouse 🐭 and he flies up in the sky and theres beautiful castles🏰 and he is enjoying, and there are birds flying in the sky also, then he realizes he does NOT have wings! And he goes straight down, boom!
He is lying unconscious on the sidewalk, then there is dollar bill that flies past his nose and lies there on the sidewalk. He becomes conscious (Not Krishna Conscious) and he wants to take that bill he gets up, but the winds blows it away.
Then he runs after that money (money, money sweeter than honey) and it flies into an elevator.
He goes up and as he goes out of the elevator again that dollar bill is flying ahead, he runs after it and he walks straight into a mousetrap and he sits at a desk you know, like boom!in front of a computer with a keyboard.💻
This is “Happiness!” in the material world….everyone is running after happiness and we have to be convinced, let’s forget the material world and if we want some happiness let us find that happiness in Krishna consciousness.
Here is the animation (4 min. video): https://bit.ly/3AFykGz

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Dandavats/posts/2041317009366538

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